2017 ram sale

SALE DATE & LOCATION: Friday 6th October 2017, Dunedoo Sheep Pavilion at the Showground.

We have three grades of Paddock Sale Rams for private selection at your convenience.

  • $1000
  • $800
  • $600
  • Private sales of Stud Rams are also welcome.

Pemcaw Sale Dates

  • Annual Auction Sale – FRIDAY 6TH OCTOBER 2017, DUNEDOO SHOWGROUND.

Rams individually penned for auction. All rams are sold with current fleece measurements and body weights.

13-14 months of age, three year average 18.9µ, 89kg, 250-300g/day weight gain.

  • Grade Rams – October

Pemcaw grade rams will be available for inspection by appointment. Contact Lou or Henry.

Multi-vendor sales

  • Dubbo National Ram Show and Sale, Dubbo NSW

Pemcaw will have Stud and Commercial August shorn Rams for sale at the Dubbo National Ram Show and Sale.

All sale rams are guaranteed to your satisfaction by the vendor.